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Oh my God(et)! Is it time to wear exactly what you want?

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 When was the last time you wore something for the first time? And no, I do not mean the last time you bought something and wore it for the first time, but really really decided to try out something completely new, just because you want to.

As I was pondering about what my new post should be about, I decided to first find something interesting to sew in hope that inspiration will come. After a while, I caught myself that being “torn” between three different dresses. But to be honest, I already knew what I wanted – my attention was drawn to an unusual Godet dress, just because it looked like nothing I ever wore before.

I admit I was not always so – a few years ago, it was pretty hard to convince me to try something new. I simply wanted to fit in, and often traded style for safety! Unconsciously, I let my environment decide what it is that I should wear. I changed, but some things never will: young girls are still searching for a look that will be accepted, we want to be noticed for the right reasons, without risking being too different from “the crowd”. And what do we get as a reward for that fear? Countless copies. Uniformity. Blending.
Wearing a latest fashion piece with expensive shoes doesn’t mean you’re stylish. On the other hand, adding your personal touch to any piece of garment is something special. I recently wrote that fashion is art, and I will allow myself to this post this quote by Rainbow Rowell “She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”
ankokocouture-godet-dress-burda-chunky-sweater-05And so, instead of going for a ‘safe’ dress that I was sure everyone would like, I went with this cute piece. Characterized by its “Godet” cut, the history of this dress goes all the way back to the 19th century. Because of the triangular inserts called godets,  the bottom of the dress expands into a romantic bell shape and moves flirtatiously as you walk. The godet speaks for itself. I paired this dress with a comfortable, oversized handmade sweater from Etsy.Break out of your shell I make some changes in your wardrobe from time to time – and wear something you never thought you would wear. Style it you way and let your outfit speak for you. Let it be what you are. And you are so many things!

Sometimes you’re childish, sometimes you’re serious, sexy or relaxed, a clubber or a hipster, resolved to conquer the world on Monday and ready to leave it all to chance by Sunday.

Play with fashion – don’t let it play with you !







Until our next reading, XOXO

Dress: Burda Style 11/2014

Sweater: Etsy, kovale




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