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Slip into the slip!

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Those who ignore history will eventually end up wearing it.

The 2016. has shown us that this is sooo true! This year has brought back so many “old” styles, allowing us to switch it up with some fun and modern twists!

And the nineties have been no exception –  those who remember the flat platform shoes, the flannel shirts, the crop tops and the ripped jeans of the nineties know what I’m talking about 🙂


Slip dresses have been one of the most dominant pieces of the nineties. Spaghetti straps and a casual form that reminds of a night gown, shout immaculate, effortless style.

Whether the slip dress makes you think of the daring “Sex and the City” heroine, Carrie, as she walks the streets of New Your in an incredibly short nude version, reminds you of Madonna’s song “Like a Prayer”, or makes you picture Gwineth Paltrow, walking down the red carpet in a long slip dress, while she’s holding Brad Pitt’s hand – you got to admit it, the slip dress never goes unnoticed.

But, if someone has remained faithful to this style throughout the years – it’s the super model Kate Moss. And no one wears it better!

She was the first to wear it, back in 1993., to an Elite Model Look party in London – the sheer, sparkly slip dress was designed by Calvin Klein, and captured the attention of the world. Pictures of Kate circled the globe, and made the slip dress a must have piece for every it girl.

What followed was a real slip dress frenzy. All the super models were wearing it, including Claudia, Naomi, Amber.. And so, the slip slipped into the history of fashion.

A few years later, and here we are. Provocative and elegant, the slip dress was a favorite this summer, and it will be a great choice and an irreplaceable piece for the early autumn days. So, no matter if you decided to go minimalist this year, strive for the sexy Kardashian look,  or simply love staying in sleepwear all day, the slip dress is so easy to style that it definitely deserves a place in your wardrobe.

This season, you can wear your slip dress with a white tee underneath or some interesting jewelry (think chokers or cuffs).

Is it chilly outside? Put on a cardigan and you’re good to go 🙂




Dress : Burda 05/2016, 113

Purse: P….S…. Fashion (

Heels: No name


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