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A trend we’ll take to 2017.: more drama on the sleeves please!

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No matter what kind of surprises 2016. brought to you one thing is for sure – it certainly must be escorted in style.

That’s why I decided I need to dedicate the last post of 2016 to one of the most striking trends of the year ***drum rolls please***: OVERSIZED SLEEVES!

A lot of us are still secretly afraid to mix oversized and fashion. I guess it’s just one of those “it looks good on others but I could never pull it off” things (read more about whether you lack courage in fashion here). This aversion is somewhat understandable – instead of clothes and cuts that fit perfectly and follow the line of your body, in 2016. designers have challenged us with pieces that have their own flow, hang, drop, and totally change the way you look.

Following the mantra “bigger is better”, oversized sleeves were a hit on the runways and among fashion icons. From puffy sleeves, pagoda sleeves, bell sleeves, pirate sleeves to sleeves that almost touch the ground, there’s never enough of dramatic twists and glamorous details. Although the XXL sleeve will never actually end up in your closet, sleeves that cover the tips of your fingers are a fantastic idea if you want to spice up your outfit.

The sleeve is a detail we often tend to neglect when it comes to choosing our clothes, but it actually plays an important role in fashion and can completely change the look or the “purpose” of a fashion piece. Bell sleeves, such as the ones I’m wearing, are often associated with the hippie era of the seventies, but date back to the Middle Ages and have evolved so much – enough to make a comeback in the modern day fashion.

How to wear oversized sleeves:
Although it is very likely that you will accidentally “dip” them in your plate or cup (and I say this from my own experience), there is something magical about dramatic sleeves. In addition to transforming a simple look into a cool look, oversized sleeves (especially bell sleeves) add  a dose of glamor to everyday life. No matter if you’re dancing, answering your phone or trying to explain something very important, the sleeves follow the movement of your hands in a dazzling way.

Since I’m a romantic soul, I could not resist the combination of bell sleeves and soft, purple velvet. If you want to wear oversized sleeves, I suggest dresses with simple cuts. For a statement outfit, combine a white shirt with interesting sleeves with jeans and a good leather jacket, or a pencil skirt.

Hope to see you back here for my next post – you’ll be impressed with what I have up my sleeve 🙂







Velvet dress with floral embroidery details: Handmade, inspired by Model 112 from Burda Style 12/2016




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