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Why I decided to become a minimalist

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

When you start feeling like all the things that you own are starting to weigh you down – it’s time for a change. When choosing an outfit becomes a difficult task – yup, you guessed it, it’s time for a change.

Minimalism is such a powerful trend. We stumble upon it regularly these days – it’s the modern religion of every street style fashionista. No matter if you’re a Pinterest enthusiast, a fashion addict or simply like the mantra less is more – there’s no way of getting away from it. Minimalism in fashion, minimalism in architecture, minimalism in interior design, minimalist lifestyle… and the list goes on and on. Minimalism was born as an artistic style. It has evolved so much throughout time and taken various, experimental forms – from self-declared minimalists to the extreme Japanese homes that leave us wondering – how do they do it?



Minimalism is taking over! And not just because it looks effortlessly cool. We live such a busy lifestyle, that we don’t even notice that we’re actually on a never-ending hunt for buying more stuff. And at one point, you’ll have to stop and think – do I really need this? And this? And this? And this? The goal is to get rid of everything that’s not necessary – declutter. After a while, anything that’s not necessary becomes clutter. Clutter blocks energy, creativity and positive vibes – even though we’re sometimes unaware of the problem. Having just enough will not only “brighten” your living space, it will brighten your life, and help you keep focused on what’s really important.

Minimalism in fashion, is a whole different story. It started out following one simple rule. And the rule is – break all other rules. Minimalism reduced fashion to the simplest, bold yet irresistible forms (remember Balenciaga) and deprived it from soft, feminine curves. The result? Absolute art.


The modern age minimalists switched it up a little bit: classic pieces, accentuated with discrete yet effective details collide with minimalism to create sexy, chic outfits for every occasion. You can’t become a minimalist overnight. It’s an ongoing process, as everything in life is. But, since we’re in the autumn-winter transition period, there’s no better time to start from the most complicated, messy but oh so magical part of your life – your closet. Here is some advice that will help you change your ways:

  • No room for sentimentalism –  if you haven’t worn it in a year or more, you don’t think about it, you don’t like how it fits, but still don’t have the heart to say goodbye, get it over with! You’re not gonna fit in those jeans, and even if you do, you’ll probably get new, stylish ones to complement your figure. Declutter! Donate, recycle or throw away things that you can definitely use no more. I often catch myself wearing my favorite pieces all the time, while the rest of my clothes simply hang in the closer, abandoned and probably not to be worn ever again.
  • You can’t go wrong with classics – because that’s what they are – classics! That’s exactly why I chose this outfit for this post. A pencil skirt always looks elegant and chic, combine it with a black turtle neck, and you got yourself a winner! An ideal choice if you’re looking to create a “timeless” wardrobe.


Which brings me to my next advice and that’s…

  • Shopping! – don’t think minimalism is boring or worry about having to give up shopping. Still, try to avoid impulsive shopping – your wallet will thank you. Especially avoid buying pieces that require some more shopping – don’t buy a pair of jeans that will require you to buy a new coat and new shoes. Choose quality over quantity! If you do feel tempted, just remember that yearly about 11 million tons of clothing becomes waste – and that’s in the US only. If you keep piling clothes, all the work you do now will be in vain.
  • Neutrals – colors such as black, white, beige, powder, army green etc. go well together, so choosing your outfit for the day will be super easy. Effortless chic describes it perfectly.


Being a minimalist doesn’t mean having nothing. It means having just enough. Start by reducing the list of the things you want to a list of things you need. And – enjoy the results.


Turtleneck: Burda style 09/2012

Pencil skirt: Burda style 10/2015






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