AnKoko Fashion Blog embroidered blouse outfit
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Yes! You need to own an embroidered blouse.

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Hi guys!

I decided to dedicate my new post to embroidery. I have developed a certain weakness for this method of decorating clothes (anyone who has read two or three of my posts probably noticed :)) – blame it on my national heritage or me being a hopeless romantic. But I can promise you, nothing can make your outfit pop like embroidered details.
Once a royal privilege and today an indispensable component of any style cocktail around the world, embroidery originated 900 years ago. From “heavy” decorations to light details, embroidery emphasizes the beauty of each piece of wardrobe, whether it’s a hat, an old pair of jeans, a shirt or a dress … the list can be quite long. Embroidery requires patience and precision – high fashion garments take not hours, but days to embroider.
However, if patience and precision aren’t your forte, there are always appliques and embroidered patches – a fast and painless solution.

Embroidery makes me think of my roots. It makes me think of folk costumes decorated with red roses and gold thread. Of the hours invested in flawless details. Of images brought to perfection. Of embroidered canvases hanging on the walls of my old house in the countryside. Of spring.

Therefore, I’ll walk into this month with beautiful red flowers embroidered on my sleeves. And you should too!

AnKoko Fashion Blog embroidered blouse outfit

Bluza sa vezom AnKoko

Embroidered blouse by AnKoko

Embroidered blouse outfit

emboridered blouse by AnKoko


Hope to see you back on my blog soon,

xo xo


Outfit details:

Handmade blouse by AnKoko Couture

Jeans: Bershka

Purse & shoes: No name









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  1. sam collin says:

    Wow, I’m just really happy that I find your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
    because I’m coming back:)

    1. admin says:

      Thank you 😊😊😊

  2. You are looking stylish in this embroidered blouse. I want to wear it on my birthday.
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  3. I love your style, i am your new fan !

    1. AnKoko Couture says:

      Thank you Anna 😊😊

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